Good Like Summertime

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We recently did an interview with another East Coast artist,  Brooke MacArthur.  Brooke is a wonderfully talented young woman from Prince Edward Island who recently released both a single and a video, titled Good Like Summertime.  It has a fun, carefree vibe and we can tell that there will be more great things to come from this up and coming artist! Make sure you are following her on all her socials, we think you will really love her sweet, classic sound!

Be sure to check out the video!



Q1. What is your earliest memory of music? We read that you had an exciting opportunity when you were 14 years old. Was that the deciding factor in choosing to pursue music as a career?

Yes, when I was fourteen years old, I entered the “Much Music Coca-Cola Covers” contest and submitted a cover of “Call me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson. I ended up making it to the top 15 and two weeks later I made it to the top 3. The producers from MUCH music then flew to my home province to film a day in my life. They came to my school and my friends were in the video holding signs, cheering me on. I was so grateful for all the support from my friends and family. A few weeks later, I flew to Toronto and had the opportunity to shoot a commercial and walk the red carpet at the Much Music Video Awards. This surreal experience definitely made me want to pursue music as a career.

Q2. Who have been your biggest supporters along the way?

My biggest supporter would have to be my mom as she’s always reminding me to follow my dreams and take every opportunity to improve my music skills. She was actually the first person to encourage me to get up and sing on stage at the age of 11.

Q3. Who are some of your favourite artists? Have your tastes changed over the years or have you always been drawn to one particular style or genre?

I grew up listening to country female superstars like Shania Twain and Faith Hill. I’ve always been a fan of country music and I love how country songs usually tell a story either about love, heartbreak or faith. I find it is easy to relate to country music as an artist.

Q4. Tell us a little about your newest single Good Like Summertime. What influenced you to write it? Can we expect more music from you in the coming months?

“Good Like Summertime” was influenced by a thought I had about two young adults falling in love in the summer and having to go their separate ways. I imagined a young couple meeting on picturesque Prince Edward Island and spending most of their time on our white sandy beaches (similar to the movie “GREASE”).

Q5. What personal and/or professional accomplishments are you most proud of? Is there anything you have not yet achieved but are striving towards?

I am proud of the hard work and dedication I put into songwriting over the last year. After graduating from University in the spring of 2019, I moved back home to PEI and had a lot of free time where I was able to focus on writing music.

Q6. What are some of your favourite cover songs to perform? Where is your favourite place to perform, and for who?

My favourite cover songs would have to be “My Church” by Maren Morris or “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn. My favourite place to perform would have to be my University campus bar. 500+ classmates would attend and I loved the feeling of my friends singing along to their favourite songs.

Q7. Any other hidden talents or interesting facts that we might be surprised to find out about you?

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology last year! Totally unrelated to music haha but I do have a passion for health and fitness. An interesting fact would be that I played a lot of sports in school and participated in the Canadian Nationals for flag football and soccer.

Q8. Can you tell us more about what it is like to be a musician in Prince Edward Island? Have you had the chance to write or collaborate with any fellow Island artists?

Being a musician in Prince Edward Island is very unique as there is a major difference in the music scene in the winter vs the summer. The Island is well known for their summer community festivals with lots of music to take in. We have numerous outdoor venues with live musical performances most nights in July and August. There are many opportunities to perform and collaborate with other musicians. I have shared the stage with a couple of fellow island artists and hope to do more.

Q9. What are your plans for the upcoming year? Have any of your plans been put on hold during this whole Covid19 situation? How are you keeping yourself positive during what can be a very trying time?

I will be doing a lot of writing and co-writing with other songwriters this upcoming year. I hope to start performing at gigs once the restaurants/pubs start opening up. I had plans to go back to Nashville in April to work with an artist development/label services company, however we will be doing facetime writes until I can go back to Nashville! I’ve been staying positive by keeping myself busy during this time. I like to make a schedule for the week that involves music and exercise.

Q10. Where can fans find you and your music?

My two singles are on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Itunes and Apple music. I also post covers on Youtube and Instagram!

Long Time Comin’

We had the chance recently to get to know Justin Fancy a bit better.  For those of you who are not familiar with Justin, he is an incredibly talented artist from Conception Bay South in Newfoundland.  From the first time we heard his voice, we were hooked (line and sinker haha).  With a definite Saltwater cowboy twang, and songs that anyone can relate to, we have a feeling that his music is going to be a personal favorite.  Justin has released two singles so far, Long Time Comin’ and Think About You.  They can be found on digital streaming platforms such as ITunes and Spotify.


Growing up on the East Coast, you most likely had a lot of music around you!  When did you realize you had a real passion and talent for performing? Who has been your biggest cheerleader along the way?

My extended family on both my Mom and Dad’s side were musically inclined and there was always music and singing growing up. My Father bought me my first guitar when I was 13 and put me into weekly lessons at a local music store in St. John’s. After only about 5 lessons and learning the basic chords, I remember picking through an old songbook my Aunt and Uncle had made many years ago and learning those songs one by one. It was that songbook that introduced me to country music with the likes of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and the list goes on. My biggest fan was and still is my Mother. She asked me to bring the guitar everywhere I went. She was and is always proud of my musical accomplishments to date.

You have spent a lot of years performing in and around St. John’s, and you have sung many different genres.  We love it when artists are able to mix it up.  What was it that lead you to the county side?

My genre has always been country music ever since I was a little boy. I had always loved the crying of a steel guitar and a honky-tonk tele. We can’t forget the fiddle, which is popular in traditional/folk celtic music as well, which is a big part of our musical heritage in Newfoundland. After finishing in the top 200 of Canadian Idol in 2008, I had never played a gig on a stage before then and I was getting so many calls to perform in the pubs on George Street. I started at a pub called “The Rob Roy”. I didn’t know much classic rock songs other than Eagles which I thought was a touch country as well, but knew a bunch of Newfoundland songs so I thought I’d get by. 12 years later and having performed in almost every pub on the street, I have built a catalogue of music that spans across many genres but my heart has always been in country music, and that’s a crowd pleaser I find. Any entertainer who can sing just about any request that comes at them, I deem that a success for any audience.

Who have been some of your biggest musical influences over the years?  If given the opportunity to perform with absolutely anyone, alive or not, who would you pick?  Where would you be?  Would it be a small, intimate jam or a sold-out arena?

Great question. I always go back to Merle (Haggard) for this one. I used to listen to his songs over and over again. His lyrics, his stories, his truth about life (even in prison) was fascinating and so raw to me. My most recent influence is definitely Luke Combs. He is as country and talented as they come, and he writes straight from the heart, very similar to what I try to do when I write a song. His ability to encapsulate fans with his relatable lyrics is truly remarkable and the results are showing. I would definitely love to share a stage with Luke, and it would definitely be a sold out arena! The more, the merrier!
Tell us a bit about your first single, Long Time Comin’.  It almost feels like an autobiography.  How have people been responding to it?   We have listened to it many times and are really loving your voice! 

First of all, thank you so much for the compliments. Long Time Comin’ is exactly that. When I was planning to do the album, I had really thought about an opening song, or introductory song, that would tell my story. I wrote the song back in November in about 10 minutes. All my friends, family, and supporters, can directly relate to the song, and have gotten feedback that it truly is a perfect introductory song to the Canadian country music industry. It was been a “Long Time Comin’”, but it was worth the wait. The song has been played on over 50 country stations across Canada, and the release has been highly successful, so I’ve been told,  for an independent country artist’s debut song. I am beyond thankful for all the support thus far, and I hope to continue to build on this success with the launch of “Think About You”, my second single, to radio on June 18th.

How does Long Time Comin’ compare to your newest single, Think About You?  What can we expect as you release more music over the coming year?  Will we see a full length album or EP?

Long Time Comin’ is the complete and polar opposite of Think About You, which was a planned attempt of demonstrating the versatility of my music. Long Time Comin’ feels like a jam to me, where as Think About You digs deep and comes from the heart. My full album will launch in September this year, featuring both those singles along with 7 more original songs. We are planning to release a third single ahead of the album release as well to stay tuned for that. 

What have been some of your proudest accomplishments to date?  What would you like to see happen with your career over the next few years?  What do you see as being the biggest barriers or challenges as you pursue music?

My proudest accomplishment to date was my journey with Canadian Idol and what that experience did to set the foundation for a music career. I had met a lot of contacts there, and although very young and inexperienced, I certainly did learn a lot about the business. Today, my daughter Kayleigh (7)  is a major motivator for me and also, equally with Mom, my biggest fan.

Obviously being an independent artist these days, it’s hard to get the attention that label artists are getting and you need to know where to invest to gain traction in this industry. Understanding that it all STARTS with a good song is very important, and you need to have a great team around you to consistently succeed. The Canadian country music industry is fairly small, so building connections with key contacts is also very important and you have to do a lot of research on your own before attempting to break through. Obviously, I’ve had early success with Long Time Comin’ and I really take it back to the research I have done in recent years on how to build my brand, promote my music, and get the music across the country. I am actually about to co-host a 10 episode mini series podcast called the Indie Volt that will talk about my experience with branding, music promotion, releasing music to streaming, and also releasing music to radio. I’m actually quite excited to share my early experience, and hopefully learn a lot too by having some special guests on the show!

Social media can be a powerful tool if used the proper way…do you think it is still possible nowadays to build that fan base without it?  How do you build and maintain a connection with your fans?  Especially in these days of social isolation?

I think social media is THE key marketing space right now for any  artist, especially independent. With the ability to promote your music for free on a platform with millions of people is great, but there are also some tricks to the trade and methods around promotion that I have researched and did seek advice on. Paid ads these days are very effective on social media, BUT you need to target the right audiences and modify your targets as your music grows to reflect the people that are actually listening to your music in order to grow.

 I have been regularly connecting with my followers through live performances on Facebook and Instagram, posting behind the scenes videos, and staying active on my stories to ensure my fans are staying informed and interested, even more now with social isolation. I’m getting some great feedback on the live performances, and I do think it’s something I will regularly do, even when things get back to normal.

Can you tell us five random things about yourself or your music that most people would not already know?  Hobbies, hidden talents, etc?

1.     I am a mariner and love boating in Conception Bay, where I’m from and living today.

2.   I am an avid golfer! I am a member at the local Bally Haly Country Club in St. John’s and just love the camaraderie that the sport brings. I play with a regular group of guys that I have for years, and every game is just as competitive as the last!

 3.     I had a blanket and sucked my thumb until I was 8 years old. As far as I know, Santa Claus took the blanket when he made a visit on Christmas Eve one year.

 4.     I’m an IT guy. I have loved computers since an early age and went to school to complete an Information Systems course I finished in 2011. Since then, I’ve done everything from fixing computers to being a Technical Lead on many major IT projects. For 9 years, I flew 200 km’s offshore Newfoundland on a helicopter at least twice a year to support operations on drilling platforms and production facilities. In order to do this, I was required to complete Basic Survival Training (BST) that required me to dunk in a remote controlled helicopter simulator and escape underwater as the helicopter rolled over. It was intense training! Look it up online, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

 5.     I released a self-produced, traditional Celtic album in 2014 with a band called “Eastern Passage” and was nominated for Music Newfoundland’s  Celtic/Traditional Album of The Year. I wrote the first song on the record, “The Tide”, which was one of the first songs I had ever written.

2019 BCCMA Awards

64945DCF-E9B6-4FED-9CF3-F80608249D08.jpegFinal ballot nominees for the 43rd Annual BC Country Music Awards have been announced!  And damn is there a lot of amazing people on the list! Best of luck to everyone!! Members have until October 9th to get their votes in.


Aaron Pritchett
Ben Klick
JoJo Mason
Shawn Austin
The Heels
The Washboard Union

Ajaye Jardine
April Reign
Becca Hess
Emily Taylor Adams
Karen Lee Batten
Kristin Carter

Aaron Pritchett
Ben Klick
JoJo Mason
Shawn Austin

Chris Buck Band
Jackson Hollow
Sons of Daughters
The Heels
The Washboard Union

Aaron Pritchett – Better When I Do
Emily Taylor Adams – Leave The Light On
Kadooh – Somethin’ To Roll On
The Promised – We Could Be in Love
The Washboard Union – She Gets Me

April Reign
Doug Folkins
Melissa Livingstone
The Promised
TJ Miller

Aaron Pritchett – Better When I Do
Becca Hess – I Don’t Do Love Songs
Chris Buck Band – Good Ol’ Days
JoJo Mason – Better On You
Kadooh – Somethin’ To Roll On
Shawn Austin – You Belong
Sons of Daughters – Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely Long
The Washboard Union – She Gets Me

Aaron Pritchett – Out on the Town
Chris Buck Band – All In
Kadooh – Kadooh
Shawn Austin – Shawn Austin
Sons of Daughters – Love in a Bar

“Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely Long” – Chrystal Oudijk, Gavin Slate, Jimmy Thow, Travis Wood – performed by Sons of Daughters

“Good Ol’ Days” – Chris Buck, Ryan Stead, Anthony Fiddler – performed by Chris Buck Band

“Holy Smoke” – Mitch Merrett, Jimmy Thow – performed by Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion

“She Gets Me” – Aaron Grain, Chris Duncombe, David Roberts, Gordie Sampson – performed by The Washboard Union

“Somethin’ To Roll On” – Kadooh, Jeff Johnson, Carly Dawn Campbell, Jesse Wainwright – performed by Kadooh

Ben Klick
Hillside Outlaws
The County Line
The Millennials

Becca Hess
Jackson Hollow
Kenny Hess
Son of John
The Promised
The Washboard Union

Gabby’s Cabaret
OK Corral Cabaret
The Duke Saloon
The Roxy
The Yale Saloon

Charlie Frie
Cyril Schermann
Matt Genereux
Michael Vanderlans
Phil Bell

Darrin Cherewayko
Matthew Atkins
Samuel Cartwright
Seamus O’Neill
Tobi D

Anthony Fiddler
Ben Klick
John Ellis
Jon Tucker
Ryan Stead

Carly Savard
Darryl Hebert
Geoff Robertson
Philip Laessoe
Roz Steel

Eric Reed – Banjo, Dobro
John Ellis – Steel, Banjo
Philip Puxley – Banjo
Scott Smith – Steel
Tom McKillip – Saxaphone

Geoff Robertson – Mandolin
Javan Johnson – Fiddle
Julie Kennedy – Fiddle
Michael Meroniuk – Mandolin
Mike Sanyshyn – Fiddle/Mandolin

Carly Savard
Paul Shatto
Scott Cooke
Sheldon Zaharko
Soren Lonnqvist

Andrew Davies
Cole Northey
Stephano Barberis
Style Dayne
Wes Mack

Anthony Fiddler
Jeff Johnson
Mitch Merrett
Scott Cooke
Tom McKillip – Carly Savard

Aaron Pritchett
Ajaye Jardine
Ben Klick
Chris Buck Band
The Heels

Ben Klick (Klick Entertainment)
Country 107.1
Gone Country
Kenny Hess / Becca Hess – Rockin’ Riverfest
Paul Biro (Sakamoto Agency)


Aaron Pritchett
Ben Klick
Chris Buck Band
JoJo Mason
Karen Lee Batten
Shawn Austin
Sons of Daughters
The Heels

The Washboard Union

Country Kicks Cancer’s Ass!

The country music family is a strong one ♥️ 

One year ago, Cadence Grace of Ontario group Runaway Angel, was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.  Due to a haematological intolerance to the oral chemotherapy treatments, Cadence was told she would require a bone marrow transplant.  Thankfully a donor has been found and Cadence will soon undergo the transplant.  Cadence has a long road to recovery ahead of her and the costs are astronomical.  In difficult times this, it is wonderful to see people pulling together to help out someone who is just an incredible light in everyone’s lives! If you’re in Ontario on March 3rd, you’ll want to be at this event 👇🏻

If you are unable to be there, but would still like to help out, a GoFundMe page has been created.



Get Loud!


It’s time for everyone to get LOUD!! Tim Hicks just announced he is going on tour!  Fans have been eagerly awaiting this news since the release of his newest album #NewTattoo, last month.  Starting November 1 in Toronto, this tour will bring Tim to cities across the country.  Don’t worry all you East Coast peeps, there are more show announcements coming 😉  And just to make it sweeter, Tim is bringing some special guests with him!  In addition to country superstar Tebey, Tim will be joined by Madeline Merlo for the eastern portion of his shows, and Andrew Wyatt for the western.  Also, we couldn’t help but notice that Washboard Union will be there for the opening show! Damn lol 👏🏻  And because Tim is completely awesome, he has partnered with Plus1 so that $1 from every ticket goes to UnisonFund.  Tickets go on sale this Thursday…don’t miss out!


Exciting Announcement From Sirroma Entertainment!


Sirroma Entertainment, a well known management company in Alberta, has officially announced this year’s Diamonds In the Rough lineup! It will take place this September in Hamilton during the increasingly popular CCMA Country Music Week.

Diamonds in the Rough was started in 2012 after it became clear that there were many artists attending Country Music Week who did not have the opportunity to showcase their talent.  Angie Morris, the owner of Sirroma Entertainment, has created something amazing  for those artists.  Because of the Diamonds in the Rough showcase, artists from all over Canada have been given the chance to share their music and gain new fans.  With each passing year, the number of artists who apply for DITR increase dramatically! Although it is not an official CCMA event, it continues to grow in popularity as word gets out.

I have had the pleasure of attending the DITR showcase several times and I am always in awe of the talent that takes the stage.  This year, there is a new addition…a songwriters round that is sure to be great!  Popular media and industry personalities are called in for hosting duties which makes it even more enjoyable 🙂

This year’s lineup looks absolutely stellar! If you’re going to be in Hamilton for CCMA Country Music Week, you should strongly consider fitting Diamonds in the Rough into your schedule! There are a lot of gems to be discovered 🙂

Follow Sirroma Entertainment on Twitter:  @SirromaEnt

Less Than A Coffee

F6BEBD97-EF3A-432A-ADBA-433818F40655.jpegLess than a coffee…that’s how much a single song on ITunes cost.  So it blows my mind that people are willing to go out and spend 6 to 7 dollars at Starbucks for a venti half milk half soy mocha latte frappachino creation, but struggle when it comes to spending a dollar on something that took wayyyyy more time and energy to create! Time and time again, I’ve listened to artists share their frustration at the challenges faced in selling their music.  I get that people like free, I really do.  Times can be tough and streaming can be a great option for someone on a tight budget.  I myself stream music in order to be able to check out new songs.  But there is nothing better than having a great song in your collection permanently.  I have a huge collection of both vinyl and cds that I can’t imagine ever parting with, and a lot of those albums are by artists we are not lucky enough to hear on radio stations across the country.  I think about the time and money and love that goes into producing even one song and it is staggering.  It’s great to “like” and “share” and “follow” but more people need to take it a step further.  And that means buying music, buying merch, going to shows.  I have no doubt that artists are incredibly appreciative when people share and encourage others to check out their music, but let’s be honest…shares aren’t going to pay the bills.  Shares are not going to pay for recording time in the studio.  (And don’t even get me started on people who ask artists to GIVE them their album for free lol).  A dollar seems like such a small price to pay to help support someone’s dream 🙂

Project Wild Alberta!

Today the official announcement was made as to who would be amongst this year’s Top 12 Finalists in the Project Wild Country Artist Development competition! And it is STACKED!! Check out the list below:A2E46277-77FB-47AA-9C34-52349ACA26AD.jpeg

For those of you who are not familiar with Project Wild, it is a program designed to promote and teach up and coming Alberta country and roots artists about the music industry, as well as help them to develop the knowledge and skills needed to launch their careers.  Formerly known as the PEAK Performance Project, Project Wild is funded by Wild 95.3 in Calgary, and many other generous sponsors.  Past Winners include the Dungarees and Brad Saunders.  Each artist/group selected for the Top 12 receive $5000 towards career development.  What they choose to do with that money is judged as part of the scoring process and counts for 5% of their overall mark.  40% of their overall mark will be determined by their performance during a showcase held at Knoxville’s Calgary.  10% comes from online voting after the artist’ showcase.

As well, each artist will be given career-enhancing challenges, such as doing a charity fundraiser.  (A 24 hour Gig-a-Thon was held by the Dungarees to raise money for the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton).  Artists are also judged on their songwriting abilities and overall “X” Factor.  And finally, each finalist is required to develop a detailed marketing plan for how they would spend their prize money.  Oh…and those prizes are fantastic!  First place gets $100, 953.  Second place gets $75,000 and Third Place gets $50,000!  So everyone ends up being a winner, even if it’s just for the experience of music bootcamp, learning and connecting with peers, or getting the opportunity to receive guidance from someone like the Voice’s Tamara Beatty!

I for one, am really excited to see how this plays out! Who do you think will take the top prize??

The Story


Ontario artist Leah Daniels recently released a new album and I feel like I need to tell as many people as I can about it! If you have heard Leah’s first album, What It Feels Like, then you already know this gal can sing like nobody’s business! You may have even heard her duets with other artists like Ryan Laird, and most recently, Eric Etheridge.  Love her versatility, whether it’s a fun Christmas tune like We Got Snow or covering songs like Suspicious Minds, she nails it every time!

I love her first two albums, they’re both a great combination of fun and thoughtful and sentimental.  The new album though has me completely in awe!  Every song is perfection, and shows just how far Leah has come, and that she is here to stay….It’s hard to pick a favourite honestly! The songs show vulnerability, but also a strength and confidence that is very empowering.

It is no secret that being a female in the music industry comes with its challenges, and there has been a lot of debate from different sides.  Artists like Leah Daniels show that we need to be hearing more from our ladies of country.  They are sadly underrepresented, so much talent going unheard outside of their small towns and cities.  People should be screaming their names out from the tops of those big radio station buildings 😉

To follow Leah and the future chapters in her story, check out her website:

**All her music is on there as well, including her debut self-titled album!

Little Girl

FE44BC33-311F-49AA-9DBE-03C632F2BB8B.jpeg#CountryGirlsRock! So awesome to see that Kira Isabella has the #1 Most Added Song at Canadian Country Radio this week!  Written by Tebey, Sam Ellis and Elizabeth Elkins, Little Girl packs a punch 💗 Kira’s delivery is flawless!  Be sure to check it out ASAP if you haven’t already 🙂