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Ontario artist Leah Daniels recently released a new album and I feel like I need to tell as many people as I can about it! If you have heard Leah’s first album, What It Feels Like, then you already know this gal can sing like nobody’s business! You may have even heard her duets with other artists like Ryan Laird, and most recently, Eric Etheridge.  Love her versatility, whether it’s a fun Christmas tune like We Got Snow or covering songs like Suspicious Minds, she nails it every time!

I love her first two albums, they’re both a great combination of fun and thoughtful and sentimental.  The new album though has me completely in awe!  Every song is perfection, and shows just how far Leah has come, and that she is here to stay….It’s hard to pick a favourite honestly! The songs show vulnerability, but also a strength and confidence that is very empowering.

It is no secret that being a female in the music industry comes with its challenges, and there has been a lot of debate from different sides.  Artists like Leah Daniels show that we need to be hearing more from our ladies of country.  They are sadly underrepresented, so much talent going unheard outside of their small towns and cities.  People should be screaming their names out from the tops of those big radio station buildings 😉

To follow Leah and the future chapters in her story, check out her website:

**All her music is on there as well, including her debut self-titled album!

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