Less Than A Coffee

F6BEBD97-EF3A-432A-ADBA-433818F40655.jpegLess than a coffee…that’s how much a single song on ITunes cost.  So it blows my mind that people are willing to go out and spend 6 to 7 dollars at Starbucks for a venti half milk half soy mocha latte frappachino creation, but struggle when it comes to spending a dollar on something that took wayyyyy more time and energy to create! Time and time again, I’ve listened to artists share their frustration at the challenges faced in selling their music.  I get that people like free, I really do.  Times can be tough and streaming can be a great option for someone on a tight budget.  I myself stream music in order to be able to check out new songs.  But there is nothing better than having a great song in your collection permanently.  I have a huge collection of both vinyl and cds that I can’t imagine ever parting with, and a lot of those albums are by artists we are not lucky enough to hear on radio stations across the country.  I think about the time and money and love that goes into producing even one song and it is staggering.  It’s great to “like” and “share” and “follow” but more people need to take it a step further.  And that means buying music, buying merch, going to shows.  I have no doubt that artists are incredibly appreciative when people share and encourage others to check out their music, but let’s be honest…shares aren’t going to pay the bills.  Shares are not going to pay for recording time in the studio.  (And don’t even get me started on people who ask artists to GIVE them their album for free lol).  A dollar seems like such a small price to pay to help support someone’s dream 🙂

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