Good Like Summertime

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We recently did an interview with another East Coast artist,  Brooke MacArthur.  Brooke is a wonderfully talented young woman from Prince Edward Island who recently released both a single and a video, titled Good Like Summertime.  It has a fun, carefree vibe and we can tell that there will be more great things to come from this up and coming artist! Make sure you are following her on all her socials, we think you will really love her sweet, classic sound!

Be sure to check out the video!



Q1. What is your earliest memory of music? We read that you had an exciting opportunity when you were 14 years old. Was that the deciding factor in choosing to pursue music as a career?

Yes, when I was fourteen years old, I entered the “Much Music Coca-Cola Covers” contest and submitted a cover of “Call me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson. I ended up making it to the top 15 and two weeks later I made it to the top 3. The producers from MUCH music then flew to my home province to film a day in my life. They came to my school and my friends were in the video holding signs, cheering me on. I was so grateful for all the support from my friends and family. A few weeks later, I flew to Toronto and had the opportunity to shoot a commercial and walk the red carpet at the Much Music Video Awards. This surreal experience definitely made me want to pursue music as a career.

Q2. Who have been your biggest supporters along the way?

My biggest supporter would have to be my mom as she’s always reminding me to follow my dreams and take every opportunity to improve my music skills. She was actually the first person to encourage me to get up and sing on stage at the age of 11.

Q3. Who are some of your favourite artists? Have your tastes changed over the years or have you always been drawn to one particular style or genre?

I grew up listening to country female superstars like Shania Twain and Faith Hill. I’ve always been a fan of country music and I love how country songs usually tell a story either about love, heartbreak or faith. I find it is easy to relate to country music as an artist.

Q4. Tell us a little about your newest single Good Like Summertime. What influenced you to write it? Can we expect more music from you in the coming months?

“Good Like Summertime” was influenced by a thought I had about two young adults falling in love in the summer and having to go their separate ways. I imagined a young couple meeting on picturesque Prince Edward Island and spending most of their time on our white sandy beaches (similar to the movie “GREASE”).

Q5. What personal and/or professional accomplishments are you most proud of? Is there anything you have not yet achieved but are striving towards?

I am proud of the hard work and dedication I put into songwriting over the last year. After graduating from University in the spring of 2019, I moved back home to PEI and had a lot of free time where I was able to focus on writing music.

Q6. What are some of your favourite cover songs to perform? Where is your favourite place to perform, and for who?

My favourite cover songs would have to be “My Church” by Maren Morris or “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn. My favourite place to perform would have to be my University campus bar. 500+ classmates would attend and I loved the feeling of my friends singing along to their favourite songs.

Q7. Any other hidden talents or interesting facts that we might be surprised to find out about you?

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology last year! Totally unrelated to music haha but I do have a passion for health and fitness. An interesting fact would be that I played a lot of sports in school and participated in the Canadian Nationals for flag football and soccer.

Q8. Can you tell us more about what it is like to be a musician in Prince Edward Island? Have you had the chance to write or collaborate with any fellow Island artists?

Being a musician in Prince Edward Island is very unique as there is a major difference in the music scene in the winter vs the summer. The Island is well known for their summer community festivals with lots of music to take in. We have numerous outdoor venues with live musical performances most nights in July and August. There are many opportunities to perform and collaborate with other musicians. I have shared the stage with a couple of fellow island artists and hope to do more.

Q9. What are your plans for the upcoming year? Have any of your plans been put on hold during this whole Covid19 situation? How are you keeping yourself positive during what can be a very trying time?

I will be doing a lot of writing and co-writing with other songwriters this upcoming year. I hope to start performing at gigs once the restaurants/pubs start opening up. I had plans to go back to Nashville in April to work with an artist development/label services company, however we will be doing facetime writes until I can go back to Nashville! I’ve been staying positive by keeping myself busy during this time. I like to make a schedule for the week that involves music and exercise.

Q10. Where can fans find you and your music?

My two singles are on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Itunes and Apple music. I also post covers on Youtube and Instagram!

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