Crazy About Brad Battle


If I have learned one thing from Brad Battle since I started following him, it is to #StayStrong!  Over the past year or so,  Brad has become very open about sharing his struggles with depression.  In doing so, there is no doubt in my mind that he has inspired many others battling their own demons to talk to someone about it, to realize they are never alone.  And that is one of  the reasons I love Brad’s music and admire him as a person.  The songs he chooses to sing have a warmth and authenticity that is often lost in today’s music.  They inspire, celebrate and uplift.  When you have the opportunity to talk to Brad, you very quickly realize that he is exactly who he seems to be.

Brad is certainly not a newcomer to the music world though.  He began honing his skills as both a singer and songwriter long before he even finished highschool.  He performed in two bands, one which included longtime friend Tim Hicks, and had the opportunity to share the stage with superstars Blue Rodeo and Moxy Fruvous.   Upon meeting his wife to be and starting a family, Brad made the decision to put his musical ambitions aside.  Years later, a question posed by his daughter Lilli, inspired him to give it another shot.  Wanting his kids to always have the courage to follow their dreams, Brad once again picked up his guitar.  And I for one, am so glad he did!!

Collaborations with industry heavyweights like Dave (Dwave) Thomson, Steve Zaborski, Frank Myers, Bart McKay and some of Canadian Country’s most talented studio musicicans,  have led to some truly incredible songs from Brad.  If you haven’t heard Brad’s 2017 debut EP Always Easy then you really need to make it a priority!  It has six tracks that just flow so effortlessly, and give a lot of insight into a man who truly wears his heart on his sleeve.  His music is guaranteed to make you feel.  It was absolutely no surprise to me when he was named County Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year at last year’s Niagara Music Awards, then CMT’s Fresh Face for October the following month.

Following up on the release of his cover of A Great Big World’s Say Something, which Brad very generously donated proceeds from to the Canadian Mental Health Association, Brad has released what I would call one of his best songs to date.  Crazy Beautiful was released on Itunes and other streaming sites this past week and goes to radio on Monday!  It is already at the top of my “Most Played” songs on my Apple library, and should be a part of everyone’s summer playlist!

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For Every Moment in Life, There are Lyrics to a Country Song That Explains the Situation Perfectly….

Would you agree?  Whether it is a song about nights with friends, or a love gone wrong, or staying true to who you are, country music has the ability to connect with so many.  Songs that bring you back to special times and places, songs that make you cheer, laugh and/or cry….nothing does it like a good old country song ❤

Thanks to a wealth of gifted singers and songwriters, we get to feel so many emotions and get a glimpse into other’s.  Through this site, it is our hope that we can celebrate and promote the music and people we have come to love and admire.

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